While reusable plastic cups support a clean global environment, they can be a source of harm for your health.

From an office kitchen to a child’s dinner setting, reusable plastic cups are a common item in day to day life. However, a (PP) plastic cup is also easy for microbes to absorb, and colonize onto the outer and inner surfaces. Not only would this impact the flavour of a drink, but it puts users at risk for an infection in their digestive tract, contaminate the drink with harmful microbes, and allow mold to easily grow within the cup.

That’s why your cups need a bacteria repellant.

BACTOSTAT® protects reusable cups from harm. Our specially engineered polymer prevents microbes from absorbing and colonizing, avoiding cross transmission. This reduces the risk of cross-infection in use, the risk of drink contamination, and the risk of illness within the digestive tract.

We put BACTOSTAT® to the test*. After using an untreated plastic cup and a BACTOSTAT® treated plastic cup for seven days, we conducted an ATP test. ATP is the molecule found in and around living cells that gives a direct measure of biological concentration and health, and is measured in Rectified Linear Units (RLU). The untreated cup showed an RLU in 1,370 after seven days compared to the BACTOSTAT® treated cup’s RLU in 178.

That’s an 87%* decrease!

BACTOSTAT® is free of harmful biocides, metal particles, and nanoparticles. It’s food contact safe and won’t leach. This long-lasting treatment is critical in helping to protect users while also protecting the earth. Contact us today to learn more on how BACTOSTAT® can help you.

*Test by AVI

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