Case Study of BACTOSTAT® Application

Issues without BACTOSTAT® Bacterial-Repellent-Solution
  • Virus/Bacteria could be spread via the device casing surface during multiple use by the shopkeepers and guests in food-court or restaurants.
  • Both shopkeepers/waiters and guests could be the transmitter of virus/bacteria leading cross infection.
  • Alcohol solution or sanitizer would easily lead cracking on Polycarbonate or MABS plastics.
  • More manpower and sanitizer are needed for disinfection daily.

Benefits with BACTOSTAT® Bacteria-Repellent-Solution
  • Reduce Risk of Cross-infection
  • Bacteria Repellent
  • Health-Eco-Friendly
  • Nanoparticles Free
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Bisphenol-A free
  • Good Transparency (MMBS) for Casing
  • High Impact Strength & High Toughness (MMBS) for Casing
  • Excellent Alcohol Resistance