Preservation, quality maintenance, and safety are among the main concerns of the food industry.

Packaging is of utmost importance in the food processing, preservation, supply, and, distribution chain, providing containment (strength and sealability), protection/preservation (moisture, gas, light, and flavour/odor barrier), machinability (tensile strength, softening, slip, rigidity, pliability, and heat resistance), promotion, and convenience.

Plastic films that are used in food packaging materials contain several thermoplastic polymer layers to supply multiple functional properties.

It is a necessary function of food packaging film material with antimicrobial compounds to prevent microbial growth on food surfaces and the cross-infection of bacteria from the outer surface of packaging materials during transportation, storage, and shopping selection.

BACTOSTAT bacteria repellent plastics is a potential solution for multi-functional food package film.

An innovative solution for PP, PE, and Nylon films, BACTOSTAT technology is different from silver-based or metal complexes, biocides-leaching technology, and coating technology, as BACTOSTAT plastics contain bacteria and virus resistant functions free of leaching issues.


Packaging serves an important role in preserving quality within frozen foods (i.e. it can control fat oxidation and moisture migration very effectively). By selecting the appropriate frozen food packaging material with BACTOSTAT solution, food producers can protect food products from damage and quality loss during distribution from the factory to the consumer.

Plastic cling wraps can prevent food from perishing, extend product shelf-life, and maintain food quality. In addition to food protection and preservation, cling film with BACTOSTAT solution can also reduce the risk of contamination by harmful bacteria and viruses in the kitchen.

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