As the North American economy emerges from the pandemic, consumers have a heightened concern about the products they regularly reuse in their day-to-day lives. Consumers are continuing to opt for bacteria-free and antiviral options when it comes to their consumer goods, from food containers to toothbrushes. In an effort to emerge from the pandemic safely, it’s important to examine and choose plastics with antiviral and anti-bacterial properties in all consumer products, especially the high-touch containers involved in beauty and hygiene.

BACTOSTAT offers an anti-bacterial alternative that is Safe-To-Touch and a strong fit for products that we interact with on a daily basis. The nanosilver-free and non-toxic technology actively fights the growth of bacteria and viruses on plastic surfaces.

Common plastics used in refillable containers are an often underlooked, yet highly critical area where germs and mold can grow over time. Reusable containers with metal complexes leaching technology can have detrimental long-term health effects.

Consumers are making the switch to reusable shampoos, lotions and beauty product containers in an effort to decrease their climate footprint.

Alongside personal care containers, common squeeze sauce bottles or condiment containers are high-touch and at risk for spreading contaminants. BACTOSTAT plastics are US-FDA compliant, making them safe for frequent touch and contact with food.

Bacteria repellent and environmentally friendly alternatives are key in the new economy, as the COVID-19 crisis deepened the need for hygiene and sanitization. BACTOSTAT is well served to meet this need through its proprietary plastics solution for reusable and refillable containers in our daily lives.