As mass vaccination efforts are underway across North America, the public is growing more concerned and cognizant about the surfaces they touch as well on an everyday basis. In order to ensure a smooth return to social life, consumers want to be sure that the plastic products they use regularly are also COVID-resistant and actively anti-viral. Currently, on most everyday plastics, the coronavirus can survive for up to three days, making it a hotspot for germ infestation.

BACTOSTAT plastics offer an antibacterial and antiviral solution for common products found in public, whether in restaurants, food courts, airplanes or in an office setting. The technology is Safe-To-Touch, non-leaching, and bacteria and virus resistant, making it ideal for use in a consumption setting. With so many businesses gearing up for a return to in-person dining in the future, it will be crucial to keep patrons and clientele feeling safe through antiviral, germ-resistant plastics.

Plastic takeout containers are seeing a huge spike in use due to the pandemic, passing through many sets of hands before arriving at a customer’s door.  Common plastic containers are often not made to be antiviral or bacteria resistant and are not reusable. BACTOSTAT polypropylene plastic offers designers and producers an antibacterial alternative for reusable containers and/or bento boxes and is Safe-To-Touch and US-FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant, and over 98% effective against most bacterias.

Currently, face masks are being made by many different companies, without any strict regulations or proper antiviral safety measures in place. BACTOSTAT polypropylene RP1034 is an ideal plastic solution for manufacturers and designers due to its lightweight, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. The plastic solution is conducive to sterilization and compatible for face use due to its non-leaching, odor-free properties.

Even when customers are able to finally return, indoor dining will not look the same as it used to prior to the pandemic. Customers are growing more cognizant and aware of the plastic surfaces involved in their daily lives and BACTOSTAT is positioned to meet this need through a non-toxic, biocide and food contact safe solution. BACTOSTAT’s plastic table covers and lamination film are perfect for consumption use, having been tested to stop bacteria from aggregating, and helping to safeguard public health in daily life.