Reuseable bottles are at high-risk for bacteria growth and are a source of potential infection.

When researchers from lab-tested reusable water bottles that had been used by athletes for a week without being washed and sanitized, the results were startling. The water bottle with the highest accumulation of bacteria – over 900,000 colony forming units per square cm – had more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Without regular and thorough cleaning and sterilizing of plastic bottles, mold and odors could occur. Even more, studies have found that 60% of the germs found on unsanitized water bottles are enough to make people sick, with the risk of gastroenteritis increased.

Additionally, publicly-used bottles — such as the sauce and condiment dispensers found in restaurants — may contain a multitude of bacteria and viruses on the inner and outer surfaces of bottles, pump handles, and plastic parts.

If plastic squeeze containers are not cleaned properly before refilling and reusing, cross contamination and cross infection amongst multiple users could take place.

With BACTOSTAT® Bacteria-Repellent Solution, the threat of the spreading of harmful bacteria and viruses on reusable and refillable plastic bottle surfaces can be eliminated.

Some of the key benefits of BACTOSTAT® bacteria-repellent solutions include:

  • Minimize the risk of cross-infection 
  • Reduce the risk of contamination 
  • Decrease the risk of sickness 
  • Bacteria repellency up to 99.99%¹ 
  • Antiviral activity rate at 99.95%² 


  • Antifungal 
  • Food-contact-safe 
  • Biocides free 
  • Nano-silver-free 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Durable in high impact strength 
  • Good transparency 
  • Recyclable 

¹ PP tested with ASTM WK66122 on S.Aureus

² PP tested with ISO 21702 on H3N2