Enhanced restaurant dining experiences are now top of mind for many business owners all over the world. Our community is yearning to transition from home cooking and take-out meals, to restaurant dining. However, COVID-19 has left us with enhanced safety concerns and customer demand for a new dining experience.

Many restaurants have already implemented rigorous cleaning requirements and social distancing protocols to help protect patrons. However, in order to increase public trust and keep customers and employees safe, more can be done. Aside from wearing masks, providing necessary solutions to high touch areas are a key factor in keeping your patrons and employees safe.

BACTOSTAT’s Safe-To-Touch-Plastic includes antiviral and bacteria repellent features that will help create a safer environment for restaurant patrons and employees.

BACTOSTAT is an innovative series of polymers that are engineered to be bacteriostatic, bactericidal, food safe, eco-friendly, and with bacteria repellent characteristics.






Prevent the spread of bacteria through a high-touch product by utilizing BACTOSTAT’s bacteria repellent solution. BACTOSTAT – MMBS also provides good transparency and high impact strength for long-lasting, safer casing. Click here to learn more.


Plastic table placemats are a hotbed for cross-contaminating germs. Plates of food, cutlery, and skin are often in routine contact with restaurant placemats. BACTOSTAT bacteria resistant plastic provides a Safe-To-Touch solution to this common problem.


Providing baby high chairs or booster seats are common practice at family restaurants. Lower the risk of cross-contamination, and protect babies and toddlers with Safe-To-Touch baby high chairs and boosters seats.